Every item is made-to-order custom. If you want a quote on an item or have your own design please contact us via our online form.

FlavaFlav Neck Medallions - Any Shape Possible.

The Flav's are a unique neck worn and stand up award. Get it on the podium and its around your neck, take it home and it stands up on the trophy shelf. Solid construction of Hardwood Maple and Cast Acrylic tied together with eight bolts and 1/2" threaded spacers with a lanyard color of your choice. Acrylic color choice, Vector Cut or Rastered solid front. Have a design in your head? Or let us design your project.

Shown (Vector Cut) Green Acrylic

Shown (Raser Solid) Blue Acrylic

Shown (Raser Solid) Blue Acrylic

Heavy Duty Solid Construction Linking Materials Together.

FlavaFlav Neck Medallions - Ski Boot & Rectanlge
FlavLess Neck Medallions - Any Shape Possible.

The Flavless are a wood or arcylic neck medallion. The wood or acrylic can be vector cut or raster cut as shown below. Only wood can be engraved both sides as the acrylic color is tranperant. The wood or acrylic is always .250 in thickness - the wood will be an awesome woodburn color and the acrylic will burn a brilliant white. Lanyard color of your choice.

Acrylic Wave Tower

The tower front is 1/2" Cast Acrylic and the back is 1/4" Extruded Acrylic with event name cut out in block.

Clear cast is used on the front and the rear a darker color for contrast. Freestanding 6" - 12" custom.

The Bike Awards

Maple or Acrylic cassette bolted to the plaque of your choice. Acrylic Cranks that stand up on the trophy shelf or the Acrylic Flavless neck hanger with mini crack molded into award.